Kind Bod

Kind Bod Bath Vitamins


To promote a healthy skin glow, uplift mood, encourage relaxation.

Filled with nourishing ingredients such as grape seed, Jojoba and almond oil, jam packed with vitamin C and E to improve skin elasticity, skin tone and softness.  Pure essential oils that help your body to relax, destress, promote sleep and ease anxiety.  Soak those daily grind stresses away!


Simply drop a few of these fizzing precious gems into the bath and let this luscious oils soak into your skin to give you one luminous glow.


100% pure organic Lavender essential oil, 100% pure organic Bergamot essential oil, Jojoba oil, Rose Bulgarian Absolute oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip seed Virgin Oil.


Do not ingest. Keep out of reach from children.  Be careful when getting out of the bath as your bath tub may become slippery.  Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.





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