Retail Therapy

Who doesn't love a good shopping session right!? Well, turns out that would be me, only since lockdown began. 

I'd love to share more with you. I love decorating my house, love buying new pieces of clothing to wear and enjoy gift giving. When the first lockdown happened I went nuts online. Bought so many clothes and ended up posting most of them back (online clothes shopping at 40 is not the same as 20)!

After all these purchases in our first lockdown, I started decluttering in the second lockdown and realised I had way too many things! Way more than I realised I needed or even wanted because I am such a busy, collecting rather than using. 

I have since spent so much time decluttering, every weekend I do a drawer or cupboard or even my handbag. I say my little gratitude to the environment for the excess I didn't want anymore that it now needs to store for me.

This short essay bring me to my point (lol) I own a retail store and feel like my new minimalist lifestyle has me thinking about what I am contributing to 'over consumerism' and 'over consumption'. It's tricky, earning a living but also wanting to have a more positive impact on the environment, showing young people that buying things for the sake of is temporary gratification and that what you buy should serve a purpose. Even if the purpose is pure joy! 

Personally, I love gift giving. To me is a demonstration of how much I know about that special person or saying something you can't always put into words. 

This is why we do our best to have the majority of our products made in Australia, scoured locally or handmade. We really have so little handcraft specialists left and feel like it's so important for us to know what real production looks like - not mass production. 

My appreciation is that people continue to enjoy being in our beautiful store, enjoying the specially curated gift selection and find little treasures that tell a story. 

Happy Mindful Shopping


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