Yusei Eau De Parfum


Incredible fragrance hand poured in Australia using only the finest ingredients. Yusei is sustainable, ethical & wildcrafted. These luxury fragrances come in 4 beautiful scents: 

Incense: An exotic journey of extremes: the delicate sweetness of Rose and Jasmine, alongside the smokiness of Tobacco.  As the name implies, Incense is a doorway to another realm.

Alchemy: Our most traditionally masculine scent.  For those who love the smell of old timber floors, leather and Japanese Whiskey.  Alchemy is magic.

Petrichor: A scent so fresh that it reminded us of the earth after a heavy downpour.  Turns out there was a word for that:  Petrichor.  Bursting with citrus, this fragrance is summery and effervescent. 

Florescence: A floral scent but with a hint of citrus.  Inspired by the Topanga Canyons in Los Angeles where the California desert comes alive with wildflowers in the Spring.       

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