Even More Than Yesterday Book

Sometimes, I think it can hardly be possible, but... I love you even more than yesterday. Even more than yesterday, I look forward to tomorrow. (Because a day with you in it is a day worth having.) I look forward to you the way I look forward to the greatest surprises. The bluest skies. The brightest things. Even more than yesterday, the little flame in your heart lights the little flame in mine.

A message of heartfelt appreciation and love for a partner, Even More Than Yesterday honors the long-term journey you ve been on together, as well as the smaller, day-to-day moments of your relationship. Filled with lyrical rhymes and warm, tender illustrations, this enchanting book is a magical way to tell someone very special just how much you love and care for them.

This book makes a wonderful anniversary or Valentine's Day gift—or as a wedding present, it becomes a perfect way to celebrate the couple s new chapter together. Celebrate those special everyday moments and say I love you with Even More Than Yesterday.

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